28 weeks


Dear Little One –

Today is the first day of our third trimester together. Only about 12 weeks until we get to meet you, and learn who you are. We’ve been making a lot of changes around here to get ready for your arrival.

Mommy sold her beloved VW Golf the other week. Cute and youthful, a 2-door hatchback is not the most practical of vehicles for transporting Gummy Bears, so away it went. They gave us a good price for it, which more than paid it off, so it was a sound financial decision but it still made me sad. I cried. I’m certain the sales rep thought I was crazy as I accepted his check with tears streaming down my face.

Ditching the VW saves us almost $300 a month, so it’s a no brainer. We’ll keep paying stuff off, and maybe by the time the weather turns cold again, we’ll be in a position to buy the pickup truck we’ve been talking about. Until then, your darling Daddy will be commuting on his new love:

A 1976 Kawasaki KZ750. Purchased outright, it gets 55 miles per gallon and since he only has a 10 mile commute… The math makes sense. He is happy as a clam here, can’t you tell?

So there are some adjustments as we move into being a 1 car/1 motorcycle family.

At week 28, I’m finally starting to experience some discomfort. I’ve got the acid reflux down to an art, but my energy is flagging and as my stomach continues to stretch, the round ligament pain is truly becoming painful. My belly is often tender to the touch, especially on the underside, and I can’t walk as far or as fast as I could before. It’s harder to sleep at night too: I’m up 2 or 3 times now, and it’s hard to get back down.

On the upside, I feel you moving around all the time now, and can even see you bump the surface from time to time. Your Aunt Nikki and Grandma Sue are planning a beautiful baby shower for you. The invitations are in the mail and we’re all getting really excited to celebrate you.

We have your crib (in its box) and Daddy and our neighbor Kyle are hanging drywall in your room tonight. It should be all ready to paint by this weekend, and then we can start putting the furniture in. It will look like a real bedroom in no time!

We love you… can’t believe you’ll be here so soon!

February roadtrip recap

We took a second trimester road trip a couple of weeks ago to NEPA to visit Chuck and Jess and the girls, and Crystal and Hunter. Didn’t get a whole lot of photos – guess we were having too much fun! – but here are some we did take… We visited an ice carving display, which Hunter thought was awesome, and then went out to lunch.

We’re so lucky to have wonderful friends! We came home with all sorts of hand-me-downs for the Gummy Bear including a crib mattress and monitor, and a swing and play mat. Baby’s dresser is now full of onesies and sleepsacks, clean and waiting!

6 months…and all is well!

Dear Gummy Bear –

I can’t believe I still have so much energy. Your mommy is up early every morning, and itching to tidy and clean the house, get things done. Daddy….not so much.

I can feel you moving almost all day, every day now. You especially like to dance when I’m sitting at my desk at work. I’ll keep the Pandora tunes coming for you. Still no real unpleasant symptoms. I’ve had a little bit of acid reflux, but Dr. K prescribed some Zantac and it’s working like a charm.

We’re right on track with your weight gain too. We’ve hit the 15 pound mark, which is average for 24 weeks, and my belly is steadily expanding. The lady behind the register at the grocery store told me today that I look like I’m controlling my weight well for being 6 months along. Yes, I was buying a block of cheese and a box of Fudgesicles. Granted I didn’t ask for her opinion… we’ll count that as our first piece of unsolicited advice from a stranger!

Mommy’s had a little bit of pregnancy brain. I went to the grocery store last week, and was using my cell phone as a calculator to compare prices. I was almost finished… wrapped up in the bread aisle (English muffins were buy one get two free!) and headed into frozen. I reached for my phone… and it was gone. Absolute panic set in. I searched the cold case, and my purse, and the floor… and then backtracked to the bakery, praying I’d just set it down and it hadn’t grown legs yet.

Finally I walked up to a complete stranger and asked her if she would be nice enough to call my phone, to see if I could hear it. She was very sweet, and sure enough, we could hear it ringing somewhere in the cart. Sweet baby, forgive me – I blamed my absentmindedness on you. She was really nice about it all but oh, I felt silly.

Your daddy and I went and bought beer last night – real stuff for him and St. Pauli Girl NA for me. It actually tasted really good, and took care of the beer craving!

Tonight we tested the walls in your room to see if the paneling would come off of the plaster cleanly, and wonder of wonders! It looks like it will be a success to tear it down and just paint instead of covering it all with drywall. This means the project will cost much less, and will be done much sooner!

Tomorrow your grandma is coming to play. We’re going to visit the fabric store and make your curtains.

Love you, baby.


Dear Gummy Bear,

We hit the halfway mark today! We are 20 weeks along, and you are now about the size of a cantalope. I just stepped on the scale and it says I’ve gained another 4 pounds, for a total of 9 pounds. I don’t think that’s entirely accurate, so I’ll try again in the morning when I haven’t just eaten a big dinner.

*Edited: Only up 2 pounds this morning, for a total of 7 pounds. That’s a bit more reasonable.

Even more exciting is the fact that I’m pretty sure you tried to kick your way out last night. I scarfed 2 Cadbury eggs after getting our taxes done, and there’s no doubt they’ll be your favorite candy too. I laid down in bed, and there you were – three swift bumps to the gut, just below my belly button. This morning, I think I felt you kick from the outside, with my hand on my belly. Hopefully you try to make contact again tonight. I just had another Cadbury to encourage you.

Movin’ and shakin’

Oh Gummy Bear,

Your daddy is convinced you’re on your way to being an athlete, and based on our sonogram yesterday, he may be right! Then again, I may have just turned you into a life-long coffee drinker…

Our appointment was bright and early at 8am, so your daddy made us a coffee to share on the way to the doctor’s office. I’m pretty sure that’s why you decided to show us some of your acrobatics on the monitor! The tech got us all set up, and then there you were – waving your arms around and kicking your legs. It was incredible to see you moving so much on the screen when I still don’t feel a thing in my belly.

The tech measured you all over, and looked at your heart, brain, kidneys and bladder. She wanted to look at something a little bit closer and couldn’t quite get the right angle so she bounced my stomach with the wand to get you to move. You weren’t too impressed with that, and you rolled completely over and turned your back to us. It was so funny to see!

Right now you weigh about 8 ounces, and your head is about 15 centimeters around. You’re in the 45th and 50th percentile for head circumference and femur length, but you have a little Buddha belly – you’re in the 70th percentile for abdominal circumference! All good news though – you look healthy and happy and certainly active. We could see your heart expanding and contracting, and you turning your head from side to side and nodding up and down. We even saw you drinking and swallowing!

You’re right on target to arrive around June 21st, just as predicted. Your grandpa was so impressed with your pictures, and how much clearer they are than he and Grandma got 30 years ago before Mommy was born.

We peeked, but didn’t see anything on the screen to indicate whether you’re a boy or a girl, and the tech didn’t tell us, so it’s still a surprise! We can’t wait to meet you. This will be the last sonogram until 35 or 36 weeks so we have a while to wait.

We love you!

side view

close up

legs crossed at the ankles