Heck, yeah! BABY!

Dear Little One –

It’s been a week and a day since your daddy and I found out that you would be joining our family. It’s been a really intense week, filled with highs and lows, which I’m sure I can now blame on fluctuating hormones.

Last Friday, the 14th, I had the day off from work. We were heading out that evening for a wedding in Pennsylvania, and I had a lot to do to prepare. Your daddy was up before the sun to hit the gym, and I was half-awake. We had an inkling that you might soon make yourself known, so while Daddy was eating breakfast, I scurried to the bathroom and hoped for 2 pink lines. Too cold to wait the 3 minutes, I hopped back into bed, and figured Daddy could check the test.

He came to kiss me good-bye, and I said, “Go check the bathroom.”

Ever the romantic, your daddy asked, “Did you clog the toilet?”

“No, check the sink.”

“You clogged the sink?”

“Just go check!”

Silence from the bathroom. Then, “DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS SAYS ALREADY!?” (I didn’t before, but I do now!)

He charges back into the bedroom, and lights blazing, your sweet daddy shoves the test stick in front of my bleary eyes, a stupid grin plastered on his face. No doubt about it: the lines are dark, and there are definitely two of them. Ta-DAH! You have arrived on the scene! And what a grand entrance you have made.

I’m so glad I didn’t have to go to work as I doubt I would have accomplished much of anything. I took the chance to call Dr. Kesler and let her know how things were looking up. She requested blood work, so off I went. Never have blood work done on a Friday – it’s excruciating to have to wait until Monday for results!

Even more frustrating is to hear that while the test confirmed that you are indeed real (as if there was any doubt), you are still verrrrry small, too small for an ultrasound to see. I was instructed to sit tight, and go back for more blood work in a week, on Friday. Love that Friday blood work.

So here we are, waiting for Monday to hear if you’ve grown enough to go visit the doctor and have your picture taken. Mommy is not a very patient waiter.

We’re anxious to know when we’ll get to meet you. Right now, we think you’ll arrive mid-May to early June, but Dr. Kesler will be able to let us know for sure at your first appointment. Your daddy and I have decided to let you surprise us, and we won’t be finding out before your birthday if you are a boy or a girl. We have a couple of very nice names picked out for you, but will be keeping those quiet for now as well.

I’ve been creating a list of questions for Dr. Kesler, and I’m sure it will get much longer before they’re answered. We know for sure we do not want the doctors to force you out – no induction. You’ll join us when you’re good and ready! We also know we want you to come naturally, as you were intended – no cesarean unless medically necessary.

But for now we wait, and we plan, and we wonder who you will be. Your daddy is so proud, and nervous, and terribly in love with you already. He makes me smile.

Love you,