15 weeks; 150lbs

Dear Little One,

For the first time in my life, I was worried that I was NOT gaining weight. Dr. Kesler, however, is not worried so I suppose I should just stay healthy and roll with it. As of today, you have helped me gain only 2lbs. It seems that the average for 15 weeks is 5lbs gained, so we’re a little less than average but you’re healthy so that’s what matters.

In just 3 weeks we get our BIG sonogram, and hopefully get to see you moving around on the screen. We’ll have to be sure to tell the tech to keep your gender a secret… we still want to be surprised.

I ordered some fun stuff for you the other night. We picked out a half-tent so that we can take you to the beach this summer. I’m sure you’ll love it there. We’ve started a registry at Babies-R-Us for some of the basic stuff we’ll need, and worked hard the other day to start cleaning out the room that will be yours. You’ll be here before we know it…

We love you,


*Pictures taken 12/29/2011


One response

  1. EEEEK!!! Little bump! I LOVE IT!!!! 🙂 Keep em coming, Momma!! And Can’t wait to hear all about the sonogram! I am so excited for you!

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