Movin’ and shakin’

Oh Gummy Bear,

Your daddy is convinced you’re on your way to being an athlete, and based on our sonogram yesterday, he may be right! Then again, I may have just turned you into a life-long coffee drinker…

Our appointment was bright and early at 8am, so your daddy made us a coffee to share on the way to the doctor’s office. I’m pretty sure that’s why you decided to show us some of your acrobatics on the monitor! The tech got us all set up, and then there you were – waving your arms around and kicking your legs. It was incredible to see you moving so much on the screen when I still don’t feel a thing in my belly.

The tech measured you all over, and looked at your heart, brain, kidneys and bladder. She wanted to look at something a little bit closer and couldn’t quite get the right angle so she bounced my stomach with the wand to get you to move. You weren’t too impressed with that, and you rolled completely over and turned your back to us. It was so funny to see!

Right now you weigh about 8 ounces, and your head is about 15 centimeters around. You’re in the 45th and 50th percentile for head circumference and femur length, but you have a little Buddha belly – you’re in the 70th percentile for abdominal circumference! All good news though – you look healthy and happy and certainly active. We could see your heart expanding and contracting, and you turning your head from side to side and nodding up and down. We even saw you drinking and swallowing!

You’re right on target to arrive around June 21st, just as predicted. Your grandpa was so impressed with your pictures, and how much clearer they are than he and Grandma got 30 years ago before Mommy was born.

We peeked, but didn’t see anything on the screen to indicate whether you’re a boy or a girl, and the tech didn’t tell us, so it’s still a surprise! We can’t wait to meet you. This will be the last sonogram until 35 or 36 weeks so we have a while to wait.

We love you!

side view

close up

legs crossed at the ankles


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  1. Kirsten and Josh,
    Milt (grandpa) and I were so pleased and happy to hear the wonderul news. Milt just sent this e-mail to me and I think it is the making of a wonderful and, probably, popular, sellable book. It would appeal to most women expecting their first child. It is just delightful. I’m relieved to know you haven’t suffered too much with “morning” sickness. I had evening sickness AND afternoon AND morning!
    In fact, as I think about it, I believe other women who have had even more than one child would thoroughly enjoy reading it. I do, I know. You look great. Take care of ALL.
    Love, Rita and Milt (pup?–grandpa

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