Dear Little One –

Today is the first day of our third trimester together. Only about 12 weeks until we get to meet you, and learn who you are. We’ve been making a lot of changes around here to get ready for your arrival.

Mommy sold her beloved VW Golf the other week. Cute and youthful, a 2-door hatchback is not the most practical of vehicles for transporting Gummy Bears, so away it went. They gave us a good price for it, which more than paid it off, so it was a sound financial decision but it still made me sad. I cried. I’m certain the sales rep thought I was crazy as I accepted his check with tears streaming down my face.

Ditching the VW saves us almost $300 a month, so it’s a no brainer. We’ll keep paying stuff off, and maybe by the time the weather turns cold again, we’ll be in a position to buy the pickup truck we’ve been talking about. Until then, your darling Daddy will be commuting on his new love:

A 1976 Kawasaki KZ750. Purchased outright, it gets 55 miles per gallon and since he only has a 10 mile commute… The math makes sense. He is happy as a clam here, can’t you tell?

So there are some adjustments as we move into being a 1 car/1 motorcycle family.

At week 28, I’m finally starting to experience some discomfort. I’ve got the acid reflux down to an art, but my energy is flagging and as my stomach continues to stretch, the round ligament pain is truly becoming painful. My belly is often tender to the touch, especially on the underside, and I can’t walk as far or as fast as I could before. It’s harder to sleep at night too: I’m up 2 or 3 times now, and it’s hard to get back down.

On the upside, I feel you moving around all the time now, and can even see you bump the surface from time to time. Your Aunt Nikki and Grandma Sue are planning a beautiful baby shower for you. The invitations are in the mail and we’re all getting really excited to celebrate you.

We have your crib (in its box) and Daddy and our neighbor Kyle are hanging drywall in your room tonight. It should be all ready to paint by this weekend, and then we can start putting the furniture in. It will look like a real bedroom in no time!

We love you… can’t believe you’ll be here so soon!


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